Ethereum is the world computer. It is powered by all the computers that are connected to it.

Ether is Ethereum's currency. It is given to all the computers taking part in it.

Without any technical knowledge, GoldMiner will let you earn ether that you can trade for dollars and euros.

How does it work ?

1. Download GoldMiner

GoldMiner is easy to install. It just takes a few clicks to get started !

2. Create your wallet

This virtual wallet will allow you to hold what you're earning. It is free and anonymous.

3. Start mining

Your computer will start sharing its video card's computing power on the Ethereum network

4. Enjoy life

You have nothing else to do. As long as GoldMiner works, you will keep on receiving money. Go out and do whatever you want.

Get started !

Choose your version of GoldMiner

  • WINDOWS 64bits

  • WINDOWS 32bits

  • MAC

  • Linux

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